For fun: iPhone time-lapse videos with iMotion HD

Recently I’ve been playing around with an iPhone app called iMotion HD that allows you to use your iPhone to do some pretty snazzy time-lapse photography. Here are a few iPhone time-lapse videos I’ve done recently.

iPhone time-lapse video: 2012 Ascension Christmas Pageant rehearsal

Two hours of chaos in one and a half minutes with a great acapella vocal group doing a Manhattan Transfer style version of Carol of the Bells. Love how this turned out.

iPhone time-lapse video: artist Jennifer Shepherd shooting a video

I recently did some work with artist Jennifer Shepherd of Living Tapestries and Susan Murphy of and Jester Creative to shoot a concept video for Industry Canada’s Canada Business group on how to start a business. We wanted to try a different approach for this video – more fun and whimsical than your average government information package. I’ll share the final product when it’s public.

But as a fun way of capturing the process and camera set up, drugs I shot this time lapse of Jenniferat work on one of the drawings.

iPhone time-lapse video: prefab house being delivered in Wellington Village area.

Cool to see how they do this, but the timpe-lapse video ended up being kind of shaky. So maybe this one isn’t ready for iMax yet.


  1. awesome better get that new Iphone and practice my video making skills

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