Hi, I’m Dennis Van Staalduinen

But you can call me DenVan for short

This is my site for all the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. Among other things, I’m an Ottawa brand strategy advisor, storyteller, and community activist. I’m also a husband and Dad to three great kids, a musical theatre geek, and a bunch of other stuff. And I laugh really, really loud.

Here’s me online:


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Here’s what I do:

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1) DenVan at work: brand strategy guy

In my day job, I’m the founder and head honcho of a tiny brand strategy firm, Brandvelope Consulting. Since 2000, I’ve been acting as a brand strategy advisor to dozens of companies, not-for-profit organizations, government departments, and consumer brands.

Want to know more? Here’s my resume and my LinkedIn profile.

Dennis Van Staalduinen in HMS Pinafore

2) DenVan at play: creative social storyteller and teacher

But before I was ever a business guy, I was an arts guy. So, to keep my creative juices going, I blog here and at BegtoDiffer.com, write articles, speak and teach(sometimes even about branding and social media strategy), and also sing, act, and perform my own stories and songs when I get a chance.

Dennis Van Staalduinen gives a radio interview on the singing busdriver with CBC Radio's Stu Mills

3) DenVan in the ‘hood: community activist

As a dad trying to raise three kids with my wife Jeanette in the West End of Ottawa, I also get involved in a range of community action – often around smart growth issues. I particularly get worked up about issues like hyper-local business development, urban planning and design, and improving pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

One reply on “Hi, I’m Dennis Van Staalduinen”

Hello Dennis,

I’m still keen to receive that information package you prepared for this year’s Jane’s Walk about Un-built Ottawa!

Remember, we’re the old foks who do not and never will have a smartphone. QRs do nothing for us!