Notes for my Jane’s Walk – Finding the Bones of Old Wellington Street

The notes, viagra buy links, what is ed and photos below are to help people who are following me on my Jane’s Walk tour called “Finding the bones of Wellington Street: a last chance to walk the old route

Section 1: Downtown Wellington

  • Stop 1: Corner of Bank and Wellington Street
    • Colonel John By
  • Stop 2: Corner of Wellington Street and Lyon
    • Nicholas Sparks
  • Stop 3: Wellington Street near Bay Street – Garden of the Provinces and Territories
    • Edward Bennett

Section 2: Escarpment – “Victoria Terrace”

  • Stop 4: Old Wellington Street – bottom of Sparks Street alignment
    • Eddy Plunkett Taylor
  • Stop 5: Pooley’s Bridge – near Fleet Street Waterworks
    • Lieutenant Henry Pooley
  • Stop 6: Old Wellington and Commissioner Street
    • Lorne Greene

Section 3: Lebreton Flats

  • Stop 7: Old Wellington and Transitway
    • Jacques Greber
  • Stop 8: Old Wellington past Booth Street
    • JR Booth
  • Stop 9: Albert Street and (former) Broad Street
    • Thomas Wilson

Section 4: The Missing Link

  • Stop 10: Albert Street and City Centre 
    • Thomas Ahearn
  • Stop 11: Site of old Wellington Street Viaduct – near O-Train
    • You

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