What’s a “DenVan”?

DenVan is me: Dennis Van Staalduinen


All my life, I’ve struggled to get people to use my very long and tricky-to-spell Dutch-Canadian surname. But I found I spent way too much time correcting, apologizing, and dealing with misdirected e-mails, when I’d rather just be helping other people simplify their names and branding challenges.

So when I started signing up for online accounts in the 1990s, I started using “DenVan” instead of my full name. Today, you can reach me here at DenVan.ca, as DenVan on TwitterLinkedIn, Gmail, or follow me on Facebook (but note that I only Friend real-life friends and family).

Oh, and that’s also what a “DenVan” does… er I do:

I take complicated things and simplify them. I make stuff easier for people to understand, remember, and tell stories about.
~ DenVan

The simple, not-so-secret, DenVan formula:

  1. Figure out what a thing IS and what it DOES for people, then
  2. Imagine creative ways to get people excited about those things.

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