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Anatomy of a very very awkward photo-op

Stephen Harper’s walk on the beach.

This morning, sales I saw this article  in the Canadian edition of Huffington Post: Stephen Harper On The Beach: Prime Minister Takes An Awkward Walk In Colombia. In it, order there was a photo of Stephen Harper walking down the beach in bare feet with his pantlegs rolled up.

My thoughts, in order, were:

  1. Wow, that looks really dorky. I’m almost embarrassed for the guy.
  2. But, because it looks so awkward, that can’t be a staged photo-op.
  3. Good gosh! Maybe the Prime Minister Stephen “Roboshot” Harper actually did something on the spur of the moment.

But then I took  another look at the photo. What are the chances that secret service guy spontaneously commandeered that neon-coloured dune buggy – or alternately that this is some random guy who likes to dress like the Men in Black whilst dune-buggying?

Here's the annotated version